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So The Idea of this campaign is to create a persistent world supers game that we can play as a series of pickup games with different GMs to create a larger comic book style continuity. We’ll play using the Marvel: Super Heroes Adventure Game (SAGA) rules to keep simplicity and consistency. I’d like to aim for a sort of Marvel or DC style feel with iconic characters and the idea that each character could have their own book and it would be interesting.

I recommend reading JLA or Avengers or X-men to give an idea of how things might look.


Ideally each Storyteller would handle the creation of a fictional city (similar to how DC does things) where main heroes would be based and then players could choose which cities their characters are based in. Either a GM run city or a city in a different part of the country.

GMs would then run games in their respective cities with limited allowed crossover. If someone wants to run a more global game or something like Defenders that would be cool too.

Main Page

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